A Glimpse of Our House and Yard

This is home    a20200917_95219.jpg - 136kb cIrrigation2019.jpg - 120kb   Irrigation day

b20200917_95337.jpg - 100kb

Back yard views    fIMG_7159.JPG - 154kb e20200917_95032.jpg - 197kb    Tractor shed

Look at all those peaches    g20200717_141603.jpg - 225kb h20200718_135625.jpg - 131kb    I picked "a bushel and a peck"

Gonna have a good pecan crop    if20200917_094835.jpg - 178kb

Spring time    jIMG_6869.JPG - 173kb LIMG_6872.JPG - 185kb kIMG_7129.JPG - 163kb

New home decor    n20200815_101133.jpg - 129kb m20200627_120452.jpg - 129kb