Yukon Territory and the famous Watson Lake Signpost Forest

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The Signpost Forest

A sign here explains: "The Yukon was a distant and sometimes lonely place for the thousands of American soldiers who were sent north to build the war-time road to Alaska.
While convalescing after a vehicle accident in 1942, Carl Lindley, a 21 year old soldier with Company D, 341st Engineers, wistfully erected a sign to his hometown of Danville, Illinois. This single sign has grown into a "forest" of over 20,000 signs from cities and towns all over the world.
This international signpost collection is still growing, as visitors add over 2,000 signs a year."
Estimates when we were there in July were over 50,000 signs. Naturally we added ours.

Beautiful scenery everywhere we went ...

...and scenic places to camp at night.
This is Whirlpool Canyon Territorial campground.

Our accommodations included a paperbark birch stump,

a rushing river with rapids,

and ripe strawberries for Pat to eat.

Whitehorse is the Territorial Capital and a town that celebrates its Klondike Gold Rush roots.

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