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Four spaces have been reserved at Circle Cross RV Park in Timberon for July 12-13-14-15. They have more spaces available. Call Patsy 523-0730 or 644-0251 to let her know you are going. When she knows who the attendees are she can begin to work on the meal plans. There are several eating places in Timberon and we can get you the names when you sign up. So call before July 1 please. No need to call the Circle Cross to reserve your spot . Patsy has taken care of that. The 2018 calendar is attached for your reading pleasure Charley Greene

2018 Wagon Master Calendar*

*NOTE: Dates are generally for the second Friday through Sunday, except March is usually the third weekend by contract.
To change the date/weekend of the campout requires approval of the membership at a prior campout.
January 12-15Eal & Mary Phillips Hidden Valley RV Deming
February 8 - 11 PhillipsLittle Vineyard Deming
March 1-18 Cline Camp Thunderbird
April 12-15 Andress Cielo Vista RV, T or C
May 10-13Roberts Deer Spring RV Mayhill
June 7-10PersingerPagosa Springs
July 12-15No Host Circle Cross RV Timberon*
August 9-12 RhodesDeer Spring
September 13 - 16 Cosper Boulder's Rec Room
October 11-14Pendergrass Camp Thunderbird
November 8-11 Green Naco, AZ
Christmas Brunch December 1 or 8 Matkin La Posta
For Info or changes call or email Charley Greene 644-7100 or
*Where full facilities are not available, such as no kitchen, the wagonmasters are expected to ask other members to assist in meal preparation. A team approach is encouraged.

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