Three Crosses Travelers

Las Cruces, New Mexico

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2018 Wagon Master Calendar*

*NOTE: Dates are generally for the second Friday through Sunday, except March is usually the third weekend by contract.
To change the date/weekend of the campout requires approval of the membership at a prior campout.
January 12-15Eal & Mary Phillips Hidden Valley RV Deming
February 8 - 11 PhillipsLittle Vineyard Deming
March 1-18 Cline Camp Thunderbird
April 12-15 Andress Cielo Vista RV, T or C
May 10-13Roberts Deer Spring RV Mayhill
June 7-10PersingerPagosa Springs
July 12-15No Host Circle Cross RV Timberon*
August 9-12 RhodesDeer Springs
September 13 - 16 Cosper Boulder's Rec Room
October 11-14Pendergrass Camp Thunderbird
November 8-11 Green ?  
Christmas Brunch December 1 or 8 Matkinl; La Posta
For Info or changes call or email Charley Greene 644-7100 or
*Where full facilities are not available, such as no kitchen, the wagonmasters are expected to ask other members to assist in meal preparation. A team approach is encouraged.

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