Three Crosses Travelers

Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Three Crosses web site with rally flyers and schedules, wagonmaster list, and some helpful links

Camp Thunderbird March rally has been canceled

3 Crosses Travelers April and May Rally

May Rally cancelled

May 7 - 10
Wagonmasters Ed & Debe Persinger

I'm sure everyone who was planning to go has been informed by the wagonmaster.

The RV Ranch address is: 877 E. Rodeo Rd. Williams, AZ 86046 The phone number
of the Railside RV Ranch is 928 635-4077 The Web site for the RV Ranch is
The Railroad web site is

2020 Wagon Master Calendar*
Calendar is provisional and can be updated as the situation allows.

*NOTE: Dates are generally for the second Friday through Sunday,except March is usually thethird weekend by contract.
To change the date/weekend of the campout requires approval of the membership at a prior campout.
January Cospers The Boulders
February 13-15 Rhodes Hidden Valley Deming (+Pink Store)
March _ Cancelled
April/May May 7_10 Persingers Railside Ranch RV
? June 11-14 _ _
? July 9-12 _ _
? August 6-9 Berryman Rose Ranch Silver City
September 13-16 Pendergrass Deer Spring Mayhill
October 15-18 Cline Camp Thunderbird
November 12-15 McGrew Valley of Fires Carrizozo
Christmas ~ December _ Parks Christmas Party
For Info or changes call or email Gary Cline Gary Cline

*Where full facilities are not available, such as no kitchen, the wagonmasters are expected to ask other members to assist in meal preparation
A team approach is encouraged.

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